Print MS Excel Spreadsheet Gridlines -
Print MS Excel Spreadsheet Gridlines -
Print MS Excel Spreadsheet Gridlines

If users print any spreadsheet in MS Excel, then by default the spreadsheet program erases the grid lines that divide the cells. If you would like to retain the gridlines printed on the document, then you'll be required to alter some settings in the display settings for the spreadsheet. However, Microsoft Excel only shows gridlines for cells that have information. If you want to print gridlines on all cells, either empty or filled and empty, you must include them in the printing area. To find out how to print Excel gridlines in spreadsheets, you must follow the directions listed below and also visit at

Ensure the Print Gridlines Option is Chosen

It is essential to make sure that the gridlines print option is selected according to the instructions in the following:

Then, verify whether the Print gridlines has been selected in Excel.
Then, click on the tab for 'Page Layout.'
Then, place the Print box under in the section Gridlines.

Reducing the Scale to 99 Percent

You can lower the amount down to 99 per cent by following these guidelines given below:

Then, go to the tab that says Page Layout.
Select the appropriate box for Scale.
Enter 99 in the Scale box and press"Return.
Then, try printing the spreadsheet a second time.

Uncheck the Option of Draft Quality

You can remove the checkbox for Draft Quality by following the instructions provided in the following:

To begin, click the tab that says Page Layout in Excel.
After that, click on the option of Page Setup.
Choose the tab of the sheet that is displayed over the Page Setup screen.
Then, remove the tick mark from 'Draft quality.'
After that, click"OK.

Choose the Best Print Quality

You can select the most suitable image quality and print resolution by following these guidelines listed in the following:

First, click on the File tab.
Then, click then the Print button on your left.
Choose the option 'Printer Properties' to display an interactive screen.
You must select the tab that has the print-quality option.
Select the most appropriate option in the event that Standard is selected.

Choose Print to PDF

Print to PDF using the steps provided in the following:

First, go to the tab of File.
Then, click your Print option to display the options.
Click the Print button. of Print.
You will see a display showing Print Output and input a name of the PDF document within the section.
Click on the button Save.
Visit for the Portable Document File of a spreadsheet using Adobe Reader or any other PDF-based software.
Print the spreadsheet using the PDF software.