What is EatSure? How Can You Start Your Delivery App like EatSure?
What is EatSure? How Can You Start Your Delivery App like EatSure?
Know about the what is eatsure, how eatsure delivery app work and makes revenue. We offer EatSure Clone for your business.

The demand for food delivery has increased substantially. With tech-driven innovations, people are shifting their ordering preference to online. They are more likely to make purchases through an app like EatSure, which has revolutionized the food delivery game forever. If you're looking to be part of the growing food ordering and delivery industry, then investing in the EatSure clone is a smart choice. Explore the blog to know what is EatSure, How does it work? How can you start a delivery app like EatSure? and more right away.


EatSure is a digital food court; it recently announced that it had launched a campaign to amplify its offerings to consumers across India. EatSure hoses multiple restaurants and has launched its first 360-degree campaign - #FoodcourtOnAnApp created by Leo Burnett India. EatSure is a solution to modern-day customers' needs; the campaign is built around the customer's insight and has made in-home dining convenient; they have not necessarily met the need of “no compromise.”


What is EatSure?

An Indian company, Eatsure is headquartered in Mumbai. It's a Food court on an app. Users can find everything from cake to pizza to biryani and more with a few simple clicks of a button. The company doesn't add artificial flavors or sugarcoat the meals; it tells food lovers what they are eating so that each thing is transparent and above board.


From the kitchen to your home, EatSure ensures that the meal is hygienic, safe, and most of all, delicious. It's double-sealed and triple-checked with a single-minded focus on safety. Every customer who comes in touch with the meal adheres to strict hygiene, sanitization, and safety; they are medically certified.


Fassos to EatSure: Explore the Success Story Here!

Food on-demand platform, Fassos was incorporated in 2004. It is an online restaurant company that is owned by Rebel Foods. Founded by Kallol Banerjee and Jaydeep Barman, the company offers its service in more than 35 cities in India; it has invested more than 50 million into the cloud kitchen network.


In 2014, the company launched its mobile app. Focusing on safety hygiene, Faasos rebranded as EatSure; the platform is the perfect option to get all issues addressed accurately. In 2020 when Rebel Foods launched EatSure, it also operated food trucks called EatSure Express.


Faasos raised around $5 million from Sequoia Capital in 2011; the company raised $20 million in 2015 from Sequoia Capital and Lightbox Ventures. Rebel foods, Fassos, the parent company, received a series D $125 million funding in 2019. Rebel Foods operates in more than 450 cloud kitchens in 75 cities, including India, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Bangladesh.


In 2022, Rebel Foods acquired a majority stake in the chocolate brand Smoor. EatSure has changed the way how people order and get meals delivered to their doorsteps. The company serves approximately thousands of customers who order through the app; this number is growing steadily.


How EatSure Works to Satisfy Food Lovers' Craving?

Now you might be clear about what EatSure is and its success story too. Now it's time to know how EatSure works. Users need to follow simple steps to order their favorite meal. Check the step-by-step flow to know how EatSure works.


Step 1: Search for items and order your favorite food from the restaurant.


Step 2: Food stores that register with the platform will get the order, prepare food, and give it to the delivery provider


Step 3: The delivery partner delivers the food to the customers' location. They also collect money and feedback.


EatSure follows a simple flow making it straightforward for restaurants and customers to get connected with each other. They can get their needs satisfied efficiently. Are you clear on what is EatSure and how it works? If you're thinking of following the success footprints of the delivery giant, then investing in EatSure Clone is the best decision to make.


EatSure Business Model: Have Insight into Delivery Platform Working Model

The global food market generated about 8 trillion in revenue in 2021. There was approximately a 500 billion U.S. dollar increase in food market revenue since the previous year. The food revenue is estimated to increase and reach around 11.1 trillion U.S. dollars by 2027.


The food industry is growing steadily worldwide. Moreover, EatSure has secured its place in the growing market due to its amazing working strategy and business model. Those who know what EatSure is and how it works understand well that it's the very first choice of millions of people to order their favorite food.


The success-based EatSure business model guarantees amazing cash flow for food stores, delivery providers, etc. Getting encouraged by its business model, many delivery businesses are looking to invest in an online food ordering app like EatSure. The company works to satisfy the growing demand of customers and ensures to offer them an amazing experience.


Customer Relationships

EatSure is always looking to provide fantastic service to customers. The company focuses on safe, delicious, and hygienic food offerings. It eliminates waiting for food in the long queries or phone calls to order the meals; the platform enables users to utilize the meal delivery service directly without hassle. Strong and good relations of the company with the vendors enable the company to offer personal assistance.


EatSure Revenue Model: How the Delivery Company Makes Money?

The value-driven structure of EatSure helps the company to offer a premium proposition. It provides personalized services and frequent product enhancements. If you are thinking of launching a similar business and want to make money with EatSure clone, then you can consider the following ways:

·         Connection Fees

·         Commission Fees

·         Transaction Fees

·         Advertising Fees


Rebel foods' valuation soared to 820 million in 2020; this platform is not a small player in the food and beverage sector. Its rebranded company, EatSure always tries to provide a seamless user experience to users every time they interact with their brand. The easy-to-navigate app enables first-time users to feel convenient using the app, making it the first choice for users to order and get their meals delivered at home.


How Much Does it Cost to Build an EatSure Clone?

Those who are aware of what EatSure is and how it is catering to the needs of its users are choosing to invest in a ready-to-use EatSure clone. There are lots of factors that affect the development cost. Hence if you want to know how much it costs to build an app similar to EatSure, then you need to identify all those factors right away. These includes:

·         Platform and technology selection

·         Features integrated

·         UI/UX design

·         Testing & maintenance


Lot more factors are responsible for the EatSure clone development. If you want to have a perfect pricing plan and know more details about the same to launch your food ordering and delivery business online, then contact us at


How Can You Start a Delivery App Like EatSure?

Customers' appetite for food delivery and order is expected to grow at 25 to 30% CAGR. The food tech sector is estimated to reach about 8 billion by 2022, up from 4 billion. The revenue is based on the number of users and revenue, respectively. There are lots of online delivery players, including platform-to-customer service providers like Swiggy, FreshMenu, Zomato, and Faasos.


However, many delivery platforms operate on a restaurant-to-customer business model, including Dominoes, KFC, Box8, etc. You can also jump into the growing market by investing in an EatSure Clone, ensuring growth and business success. Just make sure to follow a few essential steps to start a delivery app like EatSure; these include:

·         Define Your Target Audience

·         Select Food Delivery Model

·         Choose Prominent Features

·         Leverage the Power of the Right Technology Stack

·         Pick a Feasible App Development Option

·         Build a Strong Delivery Network

·         Obtain Licenses

·         Market Your Business


You can consider a lot more to start a successful food delivery business like EatSure. You can get it developed or can choose to invest in a ready-to-use EatSure Clone that is developed, keeping all your delivery business requirements at a central focus. A feature-rich deliver anything app will help you manage a business and meet the growing demand of the market systematically. 


Are You Ready to Launch an App Like EatSure?

Modern customers of today have apps for everything. Be it taxi booking, grocery ordering, music streaming, video streaming, or any other, they have one tap solution for all. Looking at the increasing use of mobile apps, most are choosing to give a digital touch to their business.


Even food delivery brands are choosing to invest in an EatSure clone to meet the growing demand of customers accurately. If you are looking for the same opportunity, contact us or have a quick look to know what White Label Fox has for you.