The building inspection in Melton should cost between $400 and $600 for an average size property. The price of the inspection depends on many factors such as size, location, style, and type. This is a small investment that can protect you from huge losses in the future and help you make an informed and confident decision. For the best quotes for the best inspection service, visit Building Inspection Council.

Looking for a building inspection in Melton, then you should expect the cost between $400 and $600 for an average size house (2-3 bedrooms). For smaller properties such as studio apartments, 1BHK flats, 1BHK townhouses, or 1BHK houses, the cost of the inspection is in the range of $200 to $300. The inspection cost is estimated at around $800-$1000 for larger properties ( 4-5 bedrooms).  Although, when hiring a building inspector for the biggest investment of your life, you should prioritize quality first and cost second. But we believe that higher prices do not mean higher quality.  There are companies in Melton which are charging almost double prices for the same service. 

Also finding a qualified building inspector is a challenge in Melton even after paying top dollars. The industry is unregulated and full of incompetent inspectors. You can not differentiate between a good inspector and a bad one without expert guidance.  That is why your best bet is the Building Inspection Council. They have the expertise to verify each inspector on the number of criteria.  Inspectors are not allowed to offer quotes before the successful completion of the verification process. When you will be looking for quotes for inspection, you will encounter 2 types of problems

Prices are too low to be reasonable: Some companies offer the starting price of $200 for a 3-4 bedroom house which is significantly below the price of standard quality inspection. These companies either hire unqualified and incompetent inspectors or run a volume game to make their profit. The incompetent building inspectors are prone to miss major building defects which can cost thousands of dollars in repair a year or two later. On the other hand, building inspectors are scheduled to conduct 8-9 inspections in a day. They hardly get 20 minutes for each inspection. In 20 minutes, only a casual visual inspection can be carried out. The inspector does not have time to inspect for hidden and potential problems in the property.

Prices are too high for service: Some companies in Melton are quoting $800-$1000 as starting price which is almost double the standard price. The companies are claiming to deliver a premium service for property buyers. One reason for the high prices in these companies is that profit is shared among many stakeholders. Individual inspectors provide much better services at very reasonable prices. These inspectors get most of their work through referrals and hardly advertise themselves on any channel.


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Building Inspection Council is a free community service to help Australian property buyers. We provide free building inspection quotes from an expert local inspector. We verify each inspector on strict criteria for your protection. The average property buyer saves $104.7 as compared to the median price in the market. The best part is that as not-for-organization, we do not have to compromise for profit. You get the best service for the lowest price. Click Building inspection in Melton for free Quotes.