How Does Gamification Improve Learner Engagement?
How Does Gamification Improve Learner Engagement?
Games have taken the world by storm! It's just the second month of 2022, and here we are again, talking about games. Games have not just become the earning source of players but also one of the best ways to learn.

Have you heard about the gamification solutions? It is nothing but the application of games in non-game contexts. Do you know about the impact it makes? A report suggests that gamification increases 48% engagement. Even one of the most boring topics becomes worth learning with gamification modules.

Why do you think gamification is gaining worldwide popularity? Let me tell you the three basic reasons. It improves productivity, profitability and user engagement.

But, there’s one challenge. You have to resonate the gamification elements to the context. Moreover, you need to create a gamification tactic that actually engages the learners. How to do it? Let's take a look.

Gamification for Learner Engagement

Create Challenging Quests

The game based learning companies make sure that they create content in a way that makes the learners feel they are on an adventurous quest. For example, if your company wants you to learn about a concept, how will they approach it? If challenges are created where they need to cross forests dungeons to find the right answer, don't you think it'll be interesting?

Moreover, the more challenging the adventures are, the more engaging it gets. In fact, try adding a negative effect to the wrong answer-it’ll create more impact.

Strong telling techniques and creative challenges are one of the best ways to improve learner engagement.

Learner-Centric Approach

The millennial and Gen Z learners have one thing in common- the one-size-fits-all learning approach doesn’t suit them! With gamification techniques, learners can have it their own way! The gamification service makes every learner the driver of their own learning experience.

The use of personalized feedback and self-directed learning can help users engage with the learning module. Moreover, if the learning modules are more learner-centric, the course completion also becomes easier.

Track Learning Progress

Companies can also use gamification tactics to track the learning progress of learners. With robust gamification learning analytical tools, companies can track the real-time data of learners.

This won't just help learners but also the trainers. The trainers can keep track of each learner's progress and work on their pain points.

Game-based learning companies make sure that these things happen the right way. Track learning progress is one of the best ways to improve engagement.

Include Rewards

Companies must ensure that if they have challenges, they also need rewards. For example, shouldn't they be rewarded if a learner completes all the tasks successfully after killing monsters and finding the right answer?

Of course, they should! Companies organizing training programs mustn’t forget that. Any kind of rewards like digital badges, medals or trophies would be fun!

Including rewards and luring learners is one of the most effective tactics of gamification service. Rewards will engage learners and help them complete courses faster and more effectively.

In Conclusion

A survey suggests that 89% of workers feel happy and productive if they use gamification in their learning modules. The importance of gamification in learners’ lives is inevident! But, selecting the best gamification provider who can help create engaging content is a must.


So, ensure to get one of the best gamification service providers for your company.