Difference between Native app and Hybrid app - javatpoint
Difference between Native app and Hybrid app - javatpoint
Difference between Native app and Hybrid app with list of top differences and real time examples including images, dog, cat, gross, net, java, database, science, general, english etc.

Difference between Native app and Hybrid app - javatpoint

In this article, we are going to discuss Native applications, Hybrid applications, and the comparison between them.

Native applications are the applications of smartphones that are specifically designed for mobile operating system. For instance, Swift for iOS, Java and Kotlin for Android.

The benefits of native applications are listed as follows -

The limitations of using the native applications are listed as follows -

Hybrid applications are the combination of both native applications and web applications. Hybrid apps run offline on the devices. Hybrid apps are written by using the web technologies like HTML5 and CSS.

Hybrid apps are designed in a way to render the existing website's content in an application format. Hybrid applications can be accessed from a web browser and can also be downloaded from an app store. Like web applications, hybrid apps are written in JavaScript and HTML5. Hybrid apps require less maintenance. The speed of a hybrid app is entirely dependent on the speed of the browser, so hybrid apps never as fast as native apps.

The benefits of hybrid apps are listed as follows -

The limitations of hybrid apps are as follows -

Now, let's see the comparison chart between Native application and hybrid application. We are comparing both terms on the basis of some characteristics.

We have discussed the pros and cons of Native and hybrid apps. It is easy to notice the difference between both applications by reading their pros and cons. The tabular representation of the comparison between Native app and hybrid app is given as follows -

That's all about the article. So, the article is not only limited to the comparison, as we have also discussed native apps and hybrid apps separately.

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