How To Fix If The Specified Disk Cannot Be Accessed?
If you're unable to access your folder or file because of an error message: Windows cannot connect to the specified device or path, or file Don't be alarmed. Follow the steps listed in the techniques in this article to resolve the issue.

Specified Disk Cannot Be Accessed - If an Windows users connects an external drive with their PC, that drive as well as its partitions will show on My Computer or Computer along with other drives that are attached to their computer. In certain cases it is the case that the external hard drive is visible but it cannot be opened when the user clicks right on it, and then clicks Properties it shows the drive as having zero bytes of used space, and zero bytes of free space. The first thing that a person affected by this issue does typically is to run CHKDSK which is the built-in Windows program that is designed to check hard drives for any errors or bad sectors, and then try to correct any problems it discovers.