How do you create an app for car rental like Ekar?
How do you create an app for car rental like Ekar?
The global travel business has grown at a rate that makes it easy for customers to find their preferred mode of transportation at any time by conducting a fast online search.

create an app for car rental like Ekar

The global travel business has grown at a rate that makes it easy for customers to find their preferred mode of transportation at any time by conducting a fast online search. As there are many mobile apps for transportation, recently, a new name called 'Car Rental' entered the world of transportation mobile apps and created great hype among users worldwide.

Businesses are very interested in this market and are opting for car rental app development services to launch their apps for iOS, Android or both platforms to increase their profits.

You will find many car rental apps that are getting amazing support and love from users all over the world.


What is Ekar?


Ekar is an on-demand mobile app with car-sharing-like features. Developed by Ecar LLC, a Mobile apps development company in Dubai, UAE, it provides practical transportation options for UAE residents. In essence, the software allows users to select an automobile from a selection of thousands with a few quick taps. Through the Ekar app, users can book, unlock and pay.

Car rental apps like the Ekar clone app are very easy to use. Users should first identify any nearby locations that offer automobile sharing. Then, reserve your self-driving vehicle for your needs and wait for delivery or walk-in travel to your home. Finally, unlock the car using the Ekar app.


How Ekar App Works – UAE Automotive Business Model


Ekar LLC, a self-driving mobility startup, developed a smartphone app in Dubai in 2015 that revolutionized the way UAE citizens use transport. The app has quickly grown to become the most popular car rental app in the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates, with over 500,000 users nationwide. User-friendly features such as quick sign-up, free parking, easy online payments, ride updates and booking notifications, travel alerts, etc. are important drivers of the app's success in the UAE. Ekar services are now available outside Dubai. Android and iPhone smartphone users can quickly book a wide range of rental cars in Riyadh, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Creating an Android/iPhone app like Ekar can have huge commercial benefits.


How to create an app for car rental like Ekar?


The process of an on-demand app development company creating an on-demand car rental app involves several steps. Before creating KPIs for your company, you should consider the following KPIs:


1. Find your business niche


Before creating a mobile app for car rental that works like Ekar, it is important to define your niche, evaluate your concept, and integrate key features into your app. Think about the broad architecture of your car-sharing rental app, and then build it yourself.


2. Market research


Creating a car rental app like Ekar requires careful consideration of your target market, competition, legal issues, unique trends, and local characteristics. 


3. Do your research


Compile guidance for designers and developers that includes details about the project's functional scope, conceptual architecture, and implementation methods. You will benefit from this as you progress. Before deciding on an implementation method, extensive research should be conducted to ensure that the project concept is technically feasible.


4. Find an app development company


Choosing a software developer to build and run your car rental app is one of your top priorities. The success of your project depends on how well you carry out your tasks. Explore the company's technology stack, portfolio, and unique services to properly solve your problem. Ultimately, your ideas will be implemented by these professionals. Talk with the Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Kuwait


5. Create an MVP


The app development partner you hire can create a minimum viable product. It is an app with attractive features and an advanced technology stack that includes basic features. You can provide real-time user feedback by taking steps such as backend development, API integration, and building a database.


The front-end development company strives to create an improved final version of the application that builds on the functionality and success of the MVP product. At this time, the product may be modified, taking into account the evaluation and difficulties found in the MVP.

A car rental app like the Ecar Clone app has essential features:


Before finalizing your list of mobile app features, do thorough research and make sure you include several unique and user-friendly features. Because the success rate of your app is determined by its features, However, the cost of developing a car rental app like Ekar depends on the features you decide to include.


To quickly reach one million downloads, your Ekar clone app must have key elements:


Car rental app features for riders:


  • Mobile-friendly app size


  • Quick sign-up and installation process

  • Easy registration with 2~3 IDs


  • Social Media Login Options


  • Multi-factor authentication function ensures high level of security


  • Comfortable riding options


  • Vehicle availability monitoring


  • Calculate rates automatically


  • Payment options in the app


  • Real-time vehicle location tracking


  • Check parking options


  • Language settings and user accounts


  • Instant rebooking and boarding history are possible

Car rental app features for drivers:


  • Driver registration and registration


  • The user manages the ride (pick-up/cancellation).


  • Location tracking function


  • Shortest path search function


  • Order History


  • Payment status and details


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Car rental app features for managers:


  • User Management


  • Vehicle availability monitoring and control


  • Driver control


  • Traffic management reservation


  • Payment tracking and control


  • Content Management


  • Discount and deal management


  • Dashboard to manage user feedback, check orders, payments, progress, etc.


  • Make sure your car rental app like Ekar includes all of these features.

Cost of creating a car rental mobile app like Ekar -


Building a car rental app like Ekar can be a good idea for established companies and startups, but first you need to know cost to develop a car rental app like Ekar.

Do you know all the important factors when calculating the total cost of mobile app development? These factors include: the different app platforms, the experience of the development team, the team's organizational structure, and the technology stack.

Based on these factors, the average cost to develop a car rental app like Ekar is between $20,000 and $40,000, including the required features.

However, if you want to incorporate the latest technology or advanced features, the cost of developing a car rental app may exceed your expectations.




The market environment for the car rental sector is expanding. Now is the perfect time to enter the market with a unique mobile application. However, to create a robust application, you need to work with a professional on-demand app development company like Hyena Information Technology.