How To Fix the issue If All Text Is Missing from Window 10?
Windows 10 Fonts & explorer text has disappeared since the Windows update Windows upgraded my computer and really caused a lot of issues. I'm now limited to only a few fonts and icons on my desktop do not display labels and when I open the windows explorer window , it's not working.

All Text Is Missing from Window 10 - There are a variety of reasons for this issue however the most prevalent is Missing damaged, corrupted, or damaged System Files which mostly cause this issue. Particularly, during the Windows 10 upgrade process, if any system files go missing or become damaged, damaged, or corrupted, it will cause a variety of issues that include no text being visible on the File Explorer on Windows 10. Additionally, some users have reported disabling or uninstalling comodo antivirus to solve the problem for them. Additionally, third-party programs cause this issue. Follow the steps below to fix this issue. display within File Explorer on Windows 10.