What is Augmented Reality and why is it in-demand?
What is Augmented Reality and why is it in-demand?
augmented reality is a technology that allows us to experience the projection of digital information onto the world.

Starting from all the superhero movies to the science-fiction-laden silver screen, augmented reality is never off the charts. When we watched and got consumed into this fantasy world, did we ever think that this could be real? At least I didn’t.  But hey, look at us now!

Thanks to the existence of automated computing hardware, augmented reality is not fiction anymore. Today we are here to discuss the basics of this technology and why it is evolving at such a rapid pace! Are you ready to know about the most wanted tech trend? I bet you are!

Augmented reality (AR) has become so viable that even businesses and corporations are using it to increase sales and make the most out of it.  AR is about to transform the way we handle technology shortly. Who am I kidding? I think it has already started.