Webroot WiFi Security provides user-friendly interface, strong protection, and key features like secure encryption, web filtering and a kill switch. It gives complete security at public and private place.

Webroot Antivirus Features

It is extremely lightweight and fast antivirus. It takes only a few megabytes of memory.

From the beginning of the download, to the completion of the installation takes only a few moments.

No burden on resources. Minimal processor usage means that there are no lags in system performance or increased productivity.

Are you using any other security software? No problem. There is no need to uninstall any other security software before Webroot security protocols are implemented.

Revolutionary cloud-based technology. There is no need to update your signature or define.

Advanced threat detection technology that detects and eliminates online attacks as soon as they occur.

Webroot Antivirus

Webroot cloud security intelligence virtually eliminates vulnerabilities found in security solutions that are based on signature-based databases and virus definitions. It provides real-time protection from all online threats.

This effectively eliminates the time between attack launch and detection and allows for immediate neutralization.

The most advanced technology is available to recognize behaviors and create templates that can be used to determine if hotspot activity was normal, harmless, or malicious.

Webroot instantly scans files and processes, no matter how old or recent, concerning Malware databases and information networks based in the cloud environment.

Webroot uses cloud-based Intelligence Network technology to classify files, execute behaviors, track them up, and predict their future intentions.

Advanced threat intelligence behavior detection technology not only nullifies known threats, but also those that are unknown to the system. This eliminates the need for signature updates and puts an extra burden on computer system resources.

Webroot Antivirus Online Security

Webroots' response is extraordinary to online threats and it more than meets the challenge.

This suit is different from other online security suits. It focuses on protecting the information that we collect and share online.

Webroot Antivirus Online Security encrypts user names, passwords and credit card numbers. This prevents virtual keyloggers from stealing them.

It is up-to-date with the latest developments and well equipped to protect smartphones and tablets. Tablets are being used more often than laptops for online activities than laptops.

The Synchronized Passwords feature facilitates automatic logins and allows the user to have multiple passwords that are secure without worrying about them being lost or hacked.

If you have any issues installing Webroot Antivirus visit webroot.com/safe.