Types Of Commercial Property Loans Available In Australia
Types Of Commercial Property Loans Available In Australia
Many types of commercial property loans are available to property developers and investors in Australia who are seeking loans for property construction, renovation projects, or any other profit-generating commercial property venture.

Many types of commercial property loans are available to property developers and investors in Australia who are seeking loans for property construction, renovation projects, or any other profit-generating commercial property venture.

As these loans represent a higher degree of risk for lenders, and usually involve larger sums of money than residential loans, qualifying for one can be more difficult to achieve than a residential property loan.

Due to the levels of risk involved, the various types of such loans available in the Australian market, attract a higher rate of interest than residential property loans.

Additionally, larger deposits, usually 20% -30% percent, are required.

Lastly, with the different types of commercial property loans available in the market, finding a loan that suits your requirements, can be difficult without the assistance of a commercial loan specialist.

A detailed study of your potential proposed development or commercial investment property purchase, commercial experience, collateral offered as security, and financial history can help your mortgage broker to determine the type of loan most appropriate for you.

The different types of commercial property loans available in the Australian market are discussed below.

1) Commercial Property Loans – Property Secured Loans

When it comes to commercially secured loans, borrowers can use commercial property they already own as financial collateral, to secure finances for their next commercial property play.

Commercially secured loans offer a Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) of around 65-80%, depending on the value of your current assets. Some major banks take it a step further and offer LVRs over 80%, but only on loans secured by additional residential security.

2) Commercial Property Loans Secured By Residential Property

As the name suggests, borrowers can use residential property as collateral to obtain residentially secured commercial property loans.

However, when it comes to residentially secured loans, there are quite a few rules and regulations to be followed, which is why you should consider engaging the services of a mortgage expert if you intend to apply for this type of loan.

With residential security you can get an LVR of as much as 80% from some lenders.

You can also combine commercial and residential properties in a security bundle to acquire a commercial property loan.

Using this type of loan, providing you have an acceptable level of equity in the residential property, you can purchase commercial assets such as resort accommodation properties that lenders don’t like to accept as loan security.

3) SMSF Loans

Self-Managed Superannuation Fund Commercial Loans are no longer widely available from major banks due to the high levels of regulation and compliance applicable.

However, they are widely available from Second Tier lenders. SMSF lending has become a very competitive field with lenders offering LVR up to 80% on commercial properties. Interest rates are generally higher than for residential loans.

The most common use of this type of commercial property loan is for business owners to use their SMSF to purchase a commercial property, which their business will then rent from the SMSF on commercial terms.

4) Low Doc Loans

Low doc commercial property loans can be taken out to purchase shops, factories or offices. A deposit of twenty percent is required. Interest rates are normally 1%-3% higher than residential rates. Application fees generally apply and are a percentage of the total loan amount.

All commercial properties will require a property valuation paid for by the borrower, which for commercial property valuations, the costs are based on the value of the property.

Low Doc loans are extremely popular as the borrowers need very little paperwork to get their loans approved. Additionally, these loans usually offer swift approvals.

5) No Doc Loans

A no-documentation commercial property loan doesn’t require the borrower to provide standard income documentation. Lenders primarily rely on the value and sale-ability of the security of the relevant commercial property.

You can borrow up to 70% of the property value depending on the location, without providing any evidence of your personal income.

You will need to sign a declaration confirming that you are aware of the repayments and are able to afford them on an ongoing basis.

Investment properties are preferred by most lenders, and the types of properties usually funded are commonly in demand properties such as offices, warehouses, factories or retail properties located in capital and regional cities

Generally, self-employed borrowers may only qualify for a no doc commercial loan, and can succeed in obtaining same even with a bad credit history. Rates are higher and reflect the high credit risk.

No Doc loans are a boon for people with non-traditional income or complicated tax returns.

In addition, the no-doc loans approval process is quick, with some having turnaround times of less than 24 hours.

6) Commercial Property Loans – Line Of Credit Loans

Line of credit commercial property loans provide you with funding up to a predetermined limit, and you only pay interest on the funds you draw down against that limit.

These lines of credit are based on the equity you hold in the commercial asset you are providing as security for the loan.

Line of Credit Loans are particularly useful if you are remodeling or renovating a current premises owned by your business, or expanding through the construction of additional premises.


There are at least six different types of commercial property loans available to borrowers in Australia.

Commercial Development Loans for large scale commercial development are a separate type of commercial lending and need to be discussed separately with your lender or mortgage broker.

To arrive at a suitable solution to your commercial property funding requirements, you need a thorough understanding of the commercial property loan market, and the loan products available.

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