PHP Chat Room Script, Prices, Reviews, and demo
PHP Chat Room Script, Prices, Reviews, and demo
Logicspice offers the Best PHP Chat room script that enables you to have whatsapp like functionality along with mobile apps. Get a live demo now via hiring us

Chat Room Script

Get our user-friendly & easily installable PHP chat room script for your website.

What does our Chat Room Script offer you?

This is a simple user-friendly and easy to install PHP Chat Room Script for public and private discussions that can be added to web sites. It is made with PHP and JavaScript, using Object-Oriented Programming and Ajax technology.

Our Chat Room Script can save chat data in databases on a server, and it uses very few server resources with the excellent features Responsive, cross-browser, cross-platform.

The user Can add smiles in chat, format the text with Bold, Italic, and associate Underline.our script chat has been tested successfully on different web browsers Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari.

Nowadays Businesses are using chat rooms to connect with their clients, customers, and other offices. Businesses could use chat rooms among the corporate or place chat rooms on their website to interact with visitors quickly.

PHP chat script Features

Logicspice offers a complete, beautiful, and easy-to-use PHP chat script for your website that can be integrated into any online publishing platform. Our user-friendly ChatScript can provide your website with multiple chat rooms that include many features.
This ready-to-use

PHP chat script is powerful which is compatible with any platform. Our chat script can run directly into your existing website in a very short period. Now Your visitors would be able to discuss through public and private chat rooms. You can hire a PHP developer from us to customize this PHP chat room script according to your needs and fit into your website design.

Try Demo of this simple yet practical chat script and add new functionality to your website. We provide the best approach to hold chat discussions on your website. Say goodbye to the old chat rooms, and embrace a new and easy way to hold chat discussions on your site with our ready-to-install PHP chat room script. We also have mobile apps ready for this, which provide a seamless experience of chatting from wherever you are.

  • Enable group chat for your team or a group
  • White-labeled Script
  • The script is compatible with different web browsers